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My interface 41CX

Having the chance to have a PX41CX prototype under test, I had to be able to transfer my HP-41 programs already existing on my PC to the PX.
In addition to my HP-41C and CV I already use a PX41C in Voyager format and I use already also a go41X emulator on my smartphone and also a Vb41CX emulator on my PC as well as a V41 emulator .
Two other SwissMicros clones also make up this armada: a DM41L and a DM41X...

hardware :

For the HP-41CV : a HP82153A barcode reader is required to read the programs,

For the DM41L and the DM41X you must have a USB cable,

For the PX41CX I had two problems to solve:
the PX41CX is equipped with

  • a FTDI connector with 6 female contacts (DTR, TX, RX, VCC, CTS, GND) for loading the RAM (dump memory)
    (interface built from a FTDI SerialUSB interface and some cables...)
       FTDI SerialUSB...

  • a UPDI connector with 3 female contacts (VCC, GNC, UPDI) for updating the prototype firmware.
    (interface built from a FTDI SerialUSB interface, a few cables and a resistor ...)
       FTDI to UPDI...

    software :
    For the PX41CX, an interface tool was needed allowing the generation of dump memory for loading programs from source programs TXT or compiled programs RAW. But for the HP-41C/CV it was also necessary to generate barcodes.

    So I started from the work of Dan McDonald (HP41-CV IDE developed in VBA under Excel ) to create my own interface.

    This choice of Excel VBA seemed interesting to me for three main reasons :
    no installation of programs on the target PC (presence of Excel nevertheless required)
    portability (theoretical) on different systems (Unfortunately, despite my efforts to use Mac scripts the interface still does not work on Version 2011 NO Posix
    VBA code open to all and therefore adaptable according to needs. (if anyone can debug for Mac...)

    So today I have a version under Windows which allowed me to take all my programs and transfer them :
  • on HP-41CV via barcode
  • on DM41X via compiled RAW file and via dump D41 file
  • on PX41CX via dump file (transfer by Coolterm on COM3)
  • on DM41L via dump file (transfer by PuTTY on COM2)
  • on go41X via RAW file
  • on Vb41CX via RAW file (and also V41 via RAW file)

    All of these tests were positive.

       41CX Interface    (2024.06.09)


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