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The first programmable calculators appeared in the mid-1970s with the HP-65 then HP-55 models from the company Hewlett-packard and with the SR-52 then SR-56 models from the company Texas Instruments.

These two American companies subsequently produced many different models but some of these calculators appeared in the late 70s or early 80s became legendary machines still adored today by unconditional fans.

At Hewlett-packard the Voyager models (HP-10C, 11C, 12C , 15C, 16C) with in particular the HP-15C are still sought after but the most adored of all the models was the HP-41 available in three models C, CV and CX.

At Texas Instruments these are the TI-57, 58, 58C and notably the TI-59 which were the most sold and most appreciated.

Then many years later, the following century, craftsmen, not to say artists, decided to bring such machines back to life.
Whether in the Czech Republic, Mexico, Switzerland or elsewhere, little jewels have been born using the functionalities of these legendary calculators.
These clones have either just taken up the possibilities of the old calculators, or greatly improved the possibilities of the ancestors, or resulted in new machines combining the potentials of several old machines with important additions.

No matter the level of evolution of each new machine, no matter the artisanal or industrial manufacturing method, the main thing remains the inventiveness, the creativity carried by these projects.
...so these beautiful objects make it possible to perpetuate techniques which seem obsolete and yet remain unrivaled.

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