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41 Family

The "41" family has grown and diversified over the years and the evolution of technologies.
The descendants of the HP-41 are now of various natures because with the evolution of PCs, the arrival of tablets and smartphones and the revolution of micro-processors, micro-controllers and other electronic components, the doors of imagination and creativity have opened wide.

The HP-41 is now available in several ways :
  • the original calculators :
  • HP-41C, HP-41CV, HP-41CX whose programs can be saved on magnetic cards and loaded from these same cards but also loaded from barcodes.

  • HP-41C


  • the clones :
  • SwissMicros : DM41L and DM41X

  • Paxer : PX41C and PX41CX



  • DM41X


       SwissMicros...    Paxer...

  • the emulators :
  • on Android : go41x


  • on Windows : V41 et Vb41CX

       V41...    Vb41CX...

  • go41X


    A particularly interesting "command line" tool completes the list of Windows tools: CC41 from Craig Bladow.


    The interest that can be found in all these variations of HP-41 comes from being able to transfer programs from one calculator, or pseudo-calculator, to another.
    The original HP-41C/CV/CX calculator cannot save in a format other than that of magnetic cards, its reader bar code allows the resumption of programs from PC.
    (Solutions via HP-IL and USB interface are too confidential to be taken into account< /I>)

    Different file formats and possible inputs/outputs:

    To convert HP-41 programs from one format to another, several solutions exist:

    the program HP41UC by Leo Duran is a Barcode Converter / Compiler / Decompiler / Generator that supports 9 different formats:
  • LIF : transfer file for Trans41 (utilitaire HP-IL Transfer)
  • P41 : archive file for HP-41 on FTP sites
  • RAW : input/output file for V41 and LIFUTILS
  • DAT : input/output file for EMU41 (using INP, OUTP)
  • BIN : output file from 41UCC
  • TXT : program listing (texte)
  • PCL : barcode printable file (Hewlett Packard PCL)
  • PS : barcode printable file (Postscript)
  • WND : barcode hex-dump (Wand file)

    This very well documented executable is used in command mode.

  •    HP41UC...

    The program Win41UC by Ulisse Quadri offers a Windows interface (in VB5) allowing easier use of HP41UC


    HP41_ProgEnv by Pierre Hardi is also a development interface (in VBA) using HP41UC


    HP41-CV IDE, interface of Dan McDonald written in Excel VBA, compiles HP-41 programs to create RAW files which can produce barcode pages in the form of Excel sheets.

       HP41-CV IDE...

    The web interface DM41 programming tool from Swissmicros allows you to generate dumps (D41) either from source programs HP-41 in TXT or from compiled RAW.

       DM41 programming tool...

    It is therefore possible to use the same HP-41 program on different calculators or different emulators without having to re-introduce the program step by step in each of them.

    Program listings can be archived accompanied by barcode sheets and the different program formats (TXT, RAW, D41, etc.) can be saved on a USB key!

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