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42 Family
The "42" family has unfortunately not grown over the years and only one clone has appeared since..
But fortunately the DM42 allows transfer to/from a PC and two emulators can share programs compiled in "raw" format.

The HP-42S comes back to life today thanks to the DM42 from SwissMicros and from 2 emulators.

  • the original calculator :
  • Original HP-42S (1988) whose programs cannot be saved or loaded onto external media, only printing on a HP82240B printer is possible.

       HP 42S - HPmuseum...

  • HP-42S
  • the clones :

  • DM42
  • SwissMicros : DM42

       DM42 - SwissMicros...
  • Riker2072 : 42LC

    ... the small 42LC also completes the 42S range.

  • 42LC

       GitHub 42LC...

  • the emulators :
  • on Android : Free42 and EMU42
  • on Windows : Free42 and EMU42

       Free42...    Emu42...

    But also :
     github.com : emu42android...
     thomasokken.com : Plus42...

  • Free 42


    Free 42

    The interest that can be found in all these variations of HP-42S comes from being able to transfer programs from one calculator, or pseudo-calculator, to another.
    But the original calculator HP-42S, not being able to receive programs from others, is excluded from this circle of interest.
    The only possible input/output file format for the Free42 and Emu42 emulators as well as the DM42 is the compiled format " raw".
    To convert HP-42S programs from TXT format to RAW (or vice versa ) towards the other several solutions exist:

    the HP41UC program by Leo Duran is a Barcode Converter / Compiler / Decompiler / Generator that supports different formats :
  • RAW : compiled program for emulators and DM42
  • TXT : source program (text)

    This very well documented executable is used in command mode.
    But this utility being intended for HP-41 programs, it will be necessary to provide a conversion to the "raw" format for HP-42S via the RAW42 tool of HrastProgrammer. This solution being limited to the use of rudimentary HP-41C/HP-42S compatible instructions and excluding the use of HP-41-C module instructions.

  •    HP41UC...    RAW42...

    The Win41UC by Ulisse Quadri offers a Windows interface (in VB5) allowing easier use of HP41UC


    The programs RAW2TXT and TXT2RAW by Thomas Okken allows you to convert HP-42S programs from one format to another.

  • from HP-42S source programs in TXT to compiled programs (RAW)
  • from compiled programs (RAW) to HP-42S source programs in TXT.


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    The web interface DM42 programming tool from Swissmicros allows you to generate :
  • compiled programs (RAW) from HP-42S source programs in TXT
  • HP-42S source programs in TXT from compiled programs (RAW).

       DM42 programming tool...

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    It is therefore possible to use the same HP-42S program on the DM42 calculator or the Free42 and EMU42 emulators without having to re-introduce the program step by step in each or every one of them.

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