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My interface 15C

  • the calculator :
  • The DM15L from SwissMicros is the only one in the "15C" family that can be connected to a PC to exchange its programs.


  • emulators :
  • and two emulators allow the transfer of programs: one on Android and one on Windows.
  • on Android :
  • JRPN 15C from Bill Foote

    JRPN15C Androïd
    Touch RPN with 15c "flavor" of Elvis Pfützenreuter

       TouchRPN Online...

    TouchRPN Androïd
  • on Windows :
  • Hewlett-Packard 15C from Torsten Manz
       Torsten Manz HP-15C...

    The HP-15C Windows emulator from Torsten Manz allows you to connect directly to the DM42L via a cable USB and a COM port.
  • the memory dump of the emulated calculator is directly transferred to the DM15L
  • or source programs in TXT format (.txt or .15c extension) can be opened or saved.

  • HP-15C Windows

    Exchange programs from a "15C" calculator to a Windows or Android is possible
  • with only one calculator model : the DM15L
  • and with the HP-15C emulator by Torsten Manz on Windows
  • and the JRPN15C emulator on Android
  • and with TouchRPN emulator on Androïd and online.

    The various original calculators Hewlett Packard, and the PX15C unfortunately cannot communicate with a PC and exchange data, apart from updating firmware.

  • the interface

  • The PH15C interface allows to generate :
  • either dumps from HP-15C source programs saved in .TXT or .15C files
  • or HP-15C source programs in .TXT from DM15L dumps saved in file .D15. The dumps are exchanged with the DM15L using a USB cable and the PuTTY program .


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       15C Interface    (2024.02.17)


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