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The PX...
Artisanal machines, the Alex Garza's calculators, clones of Hewlett Packard calculators, are amazing...
The PX41C is in the "Voyager" format like the PX15C and PX16C which may be surprising for a "41".

All have a keyboard made up of round-headed switches, buttons with a typical clicking sound which are confusing and this type of keyboard is not unanimously accepted.
But those who are lucky enough to have a 3D printer will find something on the web to overcome this problem.
For my part, I got used to this type of "keys" very easily and found them rather amusing and their sound became familiar to me.

These calculators, PX15C, PX16C, PX41C, have all the features of the real HP, except that the PX41C does not have the connectors of the HP-41C allowing the connection of peripherals.

On the site , Alex offers his calculators either as a kit (to assemble yourself) or already assembled.







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The PX41CX
To date, the PX41CX is not yet available on a site, neither in kit nor assembled because there are currently only two examples.
I have the privilege and great luck to have one of these two prototypes since Alex trusted me to test this real gem.
I use it daily and found a HP "Pioneer" calculator pouch that fits it like a glove.
I'm such a fan that I'm impatiently awaiting the marketing of the final version on the web!


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